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World Class Meat since 1957

Since that glorious day in 1957, when Capitol Butcher's doors open for the first time, it has had a singular goal. This goal was to bring or reproduce the quality of food that was enjoyed in the old country to the people of Quebec. Butcher by trade and all together food junkie, founder Antonio Le Donne did this with not only pride and resolve, but also with a sense of joy which blurred the lines between business and pleasure. 

Being frustrated with the availability of high quality Italian imports in the local market, Antonio started to import high end goods from Italy. He complimented this with house-made deli which he made with a confidence which was backed up with the stellar quality of Quebec-raised livestock. He ran the store for many years, slowly introducing his children into the family business, welcoming their ingenuity and bravado, reminding him that it was these same characteristics which made a success of the store under his command.

An Old School Butcher Shop, Today

Tony Le Donne took the reins of Capitol Butchers from his father in 1995, confident that he could make a great thing greater. His familiarity with the business coupled with his knowledge of current trends allowed him to bring the store new heights. He understood one thing most businesses of his kind did not, he understood the importance of accessibility. This meant having a larger store, more purchasing options and an atmosphere which, albeit respecting his roots, was more inviting to the local customers. He made sure the store was inviting, service oriented and offered a certain level of education to the customers on products they were less familiar with.

The store went through renovations in 2005 and has continued to take care of its customers since. 

Tony wants to be sure of one thing, that when Quebecers want the best meat, they think of Capitol Butchers. He remains sure to this day.