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Raw fresh marbled meat Steak filet migno




"Part of the furniture" is nearly an understatement with this man. Part of the team for nearly 20 years, and a manager for most of it, Vito has become nearly synonymous with the store. A butcher by trade, Vito knows his way around a veal carcass like no one else. 

His hobbies include professional wrestling and spending time with his wonderful wife and three beautiful children. 



The one and only.

Son of the original owner, Tony is now the owner of Capitol Butchers, but not just on paper. His dedication to his trade as a butcher can be felt, seen and tasted at every corner. You can often find him behind the butcher counter doing what he loves. 

His down time is spent enjoying a cigar outside or with his family around a table.



The relative neophyte of the trio, you wouldn't know if by looking at him. Dynamic and contemporary, Jude brings a flair for the new and modern to the store, taking old traditions and making them work in a modern setting. A jack of all trade, there really isn't much he can't do.

When he isn't working, Jude loves to cook or keep fit. His lovely wife and two baby girls are easily the best reasons he gets for up each day.

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