They say all good things come come from the kitchen. We tend to agree. 

We run our kitchen the same way we run the rest of our store, with a commitment to quality and freshness, always respecting tradition, while at the same time embracing current trends. 

Come visit us for a wonderful selection of Panzerotti, our hand stuffed, baked pastries. 

In the mood of something to satisfy your sweet-tooth? Our Cannoleria offers both traditional and modern takes on the classic Italian dessert, the Cannoli. 

Hosting? Bring our kitchen home with our large selection of platters and salads.

It's simple, give your guests the food they deserve and have Capitol Butchers help. 

Our Platters

#1 Grilled Vegetable Platter

Lightly seasoned seasonal vegetables, grilled to perfection and served in large, rustic pieces. The perfect addition to any meal or get together.

Serves 6-8



#2 Raw Vegetables and Dip

A finger food classic. Crisp vegetables, served up simply washed, accompanied by a trio of mouth watering, people pleasing inspired dips.

Serves 6-8



#3 Mixed Crisps and Dips

The only thing maybe better than dipping vegetables is dipping carbs! A selection of dipping breads and crisps served with 3 delicious dips. 

Serves 6-8



#4 Salad Trio

Have a little fun and create your very own ménage a trois of delectable salads. Choose from hearty, leafy or pasta salads allowing you to make all your guests happy at once. 

- Caesar Salad

- House Salad

- Arugula Salad

- Mixed Bean Salad

- Greek Salad

- Bocconcini/Tomato Salad

-Orzo Salad

- Creamy Tortellini Salad

- Farfalle and Pesto Salad

- Mediterranean Couscous

- Hearty Barley Salad

- Vegetable Quinoa Salad

Serves 6-8



#5 Mini Sandwich Trio Platter

Another make your trio platter. We have options designed to please the carnivore and the vegetarian in your life. 

- Prosciutto and Mozzarina

- Chicken Pesto

- Ham and Brie

- Porchetta

- Pulled Pork

- Salami and Provolone

- Caprese

- Goat Cheese Vegetarian

Serves 6-8



#6 Pizza Duo Platter

Choices, choices, choices. Pick your two favourite pizzas for a platter that everyone will love. Who doesn't love pizza?

- Classic Tomato

- Focaccia

- Arugula and Balsamic

- Sausage, Tomato, Cheese

- Vegetarian

- Deli, Tomato, Cheese

Serves 6-8



#7 Cannoli Platter

There's no doubt Quebecers love Cannolis, and we make some of the best the province has to offer! The large Cannoli come in platters of 14 and the mini in 30. Select the Cannoli you love the most, or mix and match.

- House Classic

- Maple

- Pistachio

- Nutella

- Cappuccino

- Oreo

Serves 6-8



#8 Tiramisu

A delicious combination of intense espresso, soft savoiardi cookies and rich mascarpone come together to make this Italian classic. The perfect little gift to bring to someones home.

Serves 6-8