We ask ourselves one question before offering any grocery item to our patrons. Is this good enough for my friends and family? If it is, and we feel it our customers will appreciate it, it becomes part of our store. It's that easy. 

Medditeranean olive oils of the highest quality. Aged balsamic from Modena. Some of the best pasta Italy has to offer. The finest vegetables conserved in oil and spices. These are just some of what you'll find at our wonderful butcher shop. Put plainly, we have everything you need to make the perfect Italian meal for you and your family.

Need advice? Our staff would be more than happy to direct you to a specific product or make a recommendation based on your needs at the moment. The best pasta for your seafood feast? No problem. The perfect condiment for your veal chop? Done. You need it, we have it.

Some call it liquid gold.

Others call it delicious.

Whatever you call it, it is undeniably the foundation to all Italian cuisine. 

Little to no savory dishes can be made without the use of a quality extra virgin olive oil, and at Capitol Butchers, we are proud to say we have some of the best the world has to offer.

Whether you prefer it stronger or lighter. citrusy or peppery. Filtered or non-filtered. We have the perfect olive oil for you!

Come find your favorite olive oil today!

Sure, people drink coffee around the world. 

But there is just something undeniably special about starting a day with a rich cappuccino, or ending a meal with the intense flavor of a short espresso shot. 

Capitol Butchers offers the best. 

Enjoying an espresso during your shopping tickle your fancy? No problem, its as easy as asking!

We also offer a wide selection of bean, ground and capsule coffee for our patrons to enjoy at home.

Don't forget, as with everything else at Capitol Butchers, if you have any questions, just ask!

Pasta is said to have originated in Asia, but don't say that too loudly when there is an Italian nearby. They will debate it 'till the end!

Wherever the origin, it verdict is unanimous on which cuisine has best adopted the use of pasta in its cooking. 

The options are as vast as they are delicious.

Standard cuts. Specialty cuts. Stuffed. Whole wheat. Classic durum wheat. Spelt. Organic. Gluten free. 

I can go on...

Come discover a world of pasta like no other at Capitol Butchers.