The true heart of the store. The butcher counter is what really has our patrons coming back time and time again. 

Why is that? We have the best meat, and we're not shy to say it. We source the best meat, make

sure it's always fresh, make sure it's well butchered, and accept no cut corners.

We offer all cuts any home chef worth his salt could wish for. 

Short on time? No problem. We offer a huge variety of marinated and prepared meats that simply need be put in the oven, fried in a pan or grilled on the BBQ. 

Our expert butchers are waiting, ready to serve you the foundation to your next great meal!

1855 Beef

Considered by many to be the gold standard of beef currently on the market, 1855 Beef is part of a legacy spanning over 150 years. Consistent flavor and incredible marbling are the two attributes that most set this beef apart.

Écolait Quebec Veal

Milk fed veal is widely agreed upon as the most tender, delicate and delicious of all varieties. Quebec is proud to offer world class milk fed veal, and we have Écolait to thank for it. 

Kamouraska Lamb from Quebec

A cooperative focusing on the raising of high quality lamb, l'Agneau de chez-nous is responsible for some of the finest lamb our great province has to offer. As with veal, Quebec has some of the world's greatest lamb.

Beaurivage Pork

Pork like you have never had before. St-Patrice-de-Beaurivage is home to Freddy Lefebvre farm, a farm which raises incredible hogs. 100% natural. Fed with 100% vegetable grain. Antibiotique free. Truly special pork.

Northern Gold Beef

100% Canadian AAA beef, Northern Gold is some of the best the country has to offer. Delicious, well marbled and tender, North Gold is considered first quality beef. 

Rougie Duck

Rougie duck  products have been made since 1875 and in 2005 they started raising their ducks in Quebec as well. Rougie Quebec owes it's success to not only the rich history and know-how of the company, but also the feed of the ducks, hormone and antibiotic free Quebec corn.

Voltigeurs Farms Chicken

The pinnacle of grain fed chicken. Air cooling their chicken allows for 8% less water in the chicken itself, meaning a more flavorful, protein rich product. Another aspect contributing to the preferable protein content in the chicken is their pure vegetable grain diet.